Cost planning of destination wedding in Jodhpur – Rajasthan


04 May Cost planning of destination wedding in Jodhpur – Rajasthan

Wedding is the most memorable moment of anyone’s life and when it has to be a destination wedding planning, Jodhpur is the name that comes direct from the heart. Jodhpur is popularly known as “The Sun City”. The city is crowned with many beautiful Havelis, Hotels and Resorts which host destination wedding in Jodhpur.

Nowadays, couple wants to make their wedding a memorable event. With the help of destination wedding planners it can be made easily possible.

Wedding means celebration and these wedding planners add a lot to the celebrations. The selection of the venue for the wedding depends upon the availability and the budget of wedding. With Events Abode which can be graded as top and best wedding planners in Jodhpur, one can easily execute the entire wedding plans and preparations. Right from welcoming guests to seeing them off after the wedding, each and every job is taken care of by the wedding planners in Jodhpur.

Cost of Wedding in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a beautiful city and stand as the second biggest city in Rajasthan. Being one of the top cities of Rajasthan, it is well-known for hosting the destination wedding.The wedding venues in Jodhpur are adorned with many jewels. It is also famous for its architectural heritage and the blue buzz. one of the biggest reason for hosting a destination wedding in Jodhpur is its warm weather that remains almost the same throughout the year.

There are multiple options in terms of cost of destination wedding in Jodhpur which include many Palace Hotels, Star Hotels and Resorts. One can prefer any of the venues  as per the availability and their budget of wedding. If we speak in general terms, the cost of per day wedding celebration in Jodhpur may range from 7 – 20 lakhs. The cost of wedding is estimated on the minimum number of guests counted. Further one can cut the cost by combining the ceremonies and picking off season dates.

The best part of wedding here  is that the top rated venues of Jodhpur is that they offer wedding packages which can be customised. The wedding in Jodhpur can be solemnized in any of these exotic venues.

Cost of Wedding in Umaid Bhawan

The best place in Jodhpur for a wedding to be hosted is Umaid Bhawan. This is a gigantic palace with about 100 rooms where you can stay along with your guest for the occasion. This palace also has a huge lawn with lush gardens covering an area of more than 25 acres. The Palace is one of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings in the world. If planned here one can only imagine how grand and royal the wedding might look. Cost of wedding in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan can be managed by the requirement of Halls and courtyards which have different accommodations

It has accommodation of 40 guest to 750 guests as indoor and outdoor wedding venues

Indoor Accommodation : Marwar Hall and Rathore Hall can accommodate 180 – 200 guests and Chamber of Princess can accommodate up to 40 guests.

Outdoor Accommodation: Baradari lawns can accommodate 700-750 guest, Lancer Lawn have accommodation of 350 guests. However there are many other lawns and Courtyards which can accommodate from 40 to 100 guests.

There are 64 rooms available like Palace rooms, Historical Suites, Royal Suites, Grand Royal Suites, Maharaja Suites and Maharani Suites, so you can accomodate according to your prospect.

It is well connected with Jodhpur Airport which is 5kms and Railway station is just 15kms away from Umaid Bhawan.

Ajit Bhawan

After this you can also think of Ajit Bhawan as another venue for conducing weddings. This is yet another palace which is very popular wedding venue in India. In fact Ajit Bhawan is the first royal house in India that was converted into a hotel. You will get to see picturesque view of the Thar Desert from this Palace which adds on to it beauty. You will get a complete ethnic experience by conducting your wedding in this palace. The method of the hospitality here will have the traditional flavor of Rajasthani culture which itself is very grand.

Taj Mahal Hari

Then you also have Taj Mahal Hari, another ideal wedding venue. Here you can experience the luxurious and imperial flavor of the Rajasthan. The interiors and look of this palace will make you remember the era of Moghals. It will be just like a dream come true.

One thing is for sure. You are surely going to get a well managed and well organized wedding. The services provided here are such that you can rely on. In addition to this you might also get special discounted rates for the wedding couple for their honeymoon. A wedding in Jodhpur will be surely like a dream come true.

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