Cost planning of destination wedding in Udaipur Palaces – Rajasthan

destination wedding in udaipur

24 Apr Cost planning of destination wedding in Udaipur Palaces – Rajasthan

When it comes to planning of weddings it can be rightly said that the first question that must have rolled on your mind is to host a Destination or a Palace Wedding in the soothing environment of Udaipur. The city offers hosting of wedding in every type of budget. Well, infact it is actually sensible to check on overall cost of Wedding in Udaipur which actually should match up your budget and accordingly you can start gathering
wedding related other information.

If you are planning to host a wedding in this beautiful City of Lakes, there are plenty of options but the cost variates to a great extent. It can be a Palatial location or a Resort and if not so then a high standard hotel.
There is a huge variety in either of the cases.

Palace Wedding-
As Udaipur is a historical town, it provides many Palatial locations which are milleniums old and prove to the most exotic and premium venue for weddings. There are some great budget wedding venues in Udaipur that add lot of pomp and grandeur to the wedding. Some of these palaces offer Rajwada style wedding also.

Hotels Weddings-
The city is adorned with all the major 5 star hotels. It also offers the facility of hosting the wedding in affordable yet traditional and authentic hotels. The location of Hotels is such so as to give excellent view of the city. It provides scenic view, the lightings and beautiful garden view. The Hotels of the city offers much more than what they promise for.

Resort Weddings-
Along with Palatial and Hotelian Weddings the city also gives an opportunity to host wedding in Resorts. It includes many beautiful resorts where one can host a wedding. They offer variety of facilities which actually would steal your heart. The surroundings and the beauty of the resorts will keep you mesmerized and spell-bound.

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