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28 Apr Price of Wedding in Jaisalmer – Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is an exotic city in Rajasthan’s great Thar Desert. The dramatic and romantic desert fortress of “The Golden City” came into prominence due to its position on camel trade routes.

Jaisalmer is most famous for its 12th-century fort and ornate “Havelis,” The city is also crowned with fine merchant-built houses and pavilions in the city’s mediaeval lanes. The city is surrounded by Desert National Park which offers opportunities to observe blackbucks, desert foxes and chinkaras amidst the rolling dunes, rugged crags and waterholes.

When it comes to plan a wedding in Jaisalmer it can be rated as one of the topmost wedding destinations of Rajasthan. The overall view about Jaisalmer is that the city extends a joyous and fun filled experience both for the wedding couple and the guests.

Beneath the sky under the shadow of uncountable stars and with the breezing sound of rolling sand one can experience a very memorable wedding. The romantic views of the surroundings are extremely tantalizing.

Dinner in Sand Dunes, BBQ night, Folk entertainers, Royal procession, Snake charmers, Camel ride, Kite flying, Camping, etc. are the specialities of Jaisalmer.

Planning a wedding in Jaisalmer would surely be an experience of life long remembrance.


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