OOH Media

We select the most impactful outdoor advertising media for our clients.

We give a complete solution for Outdoor Advertising and promoting your brand / product in outdoor media.

We tailor our OOH solutions to your campaign brief. Let us know your objectives and target audience and we will do the rest.

Customers can choose over extensive product options like Outdoor Advertising in Bus shelter, Hoardings, Pole Kiosks, Mobile LED vans, Billboards, Metro Hoardings and Station Branding

Our locations are placed to deliver maximum visibility and are developed with much attention given to audience exposure and retention. We present an excellent opportunity to convey your advertising message in a dynamic impactful manner and ensure VALUE for all our clients.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus Shelter Advertising provides advertising with High-visibility, High-impact and High-frequency. It offers 24-hour clear visibility and read ability provides a high-impact medium.


Hoardings are generally placed at strategic locations like highways and busy streets and has the potential to grab attention easily.

Pole Kiosks

Pole Kiosks allow kiosks to be placed in a sequence of poles that offers repetitive advertising and hence result in higher registration. It supports consecutive message display with affordability. Advertisements of this sort are constantly before the eyes of observers.

Metro Station Branding

Metro Station Branding: Metro Stations which act as lucrative sites for brand promotions. The commuters’ dwell time is utilized by the brands by interacting with the onlookers through informative, impactful and creative visual ads placed at the metro station.

Mobile LED Vans

Mobile LED Vans The VAN LED is frequently used for outdoor advertisements and/or distant viewing. The graphics publicized on a moving screen always strikes the public and pulls their attention. The dynamic Van Led display screens provide more control and flexibility and make it more reasonable to your target markets.

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